separated or detached; not glued.

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    come unglued, Slang.
    1. to become upset, disorganized, or confused; lose emotional control: to come unglued in an emergency.
    2. to disintegrate or collapse; fall apart; break down: The negotiators tried to keep the fragile peace agreement from coming unglued.

Origin of unglued

1685–95; (def 1) un-1 + glued; (def 2) unglue + -ed2



verb (used with object), un·glued, un·glu·ing.

to separate or detach by or as if by overcoming an adhesive agent: to unglue a sticker from a wall.
  1. to confuse or upset: He was unglued by his opponent's superb defense.
  2. to cause to fail or lose effectiveness.

Origin of unglue

First recorded in 1540–50; un-2 + glue

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1540s, from un- (2) "opposite of" + glue (v.). Related: Unglued; ungluing. Unglued in figurative sense is recorded from 1922.

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see under come apart at the seams.

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