(of an egg) not having broken to release the fully developed young
(of a bird, snake, etc) not having emerged from the egg
(of a plan, mission, etc) not having been fully developed or carried out

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Examples from the Web for unhatched

Historical Examples of unhatched

  • Now we've got to get rid of that one and all the unhatched spores.

    The Whispering Spheres

    Russell Robert Winterbotham

  • Indeed, the unhatched eggs have sometimes been valued at the same amount.

  • Every pupa breathes in its shell, however compact this may be, even as the unhatched bird breathes inside the egg.

  • Four specimens were shot, and, later, several old nests were found containing the unhatched eggs of previous years.

  • But I jes' tole him 'twar ez safe ez a unhatched deedie in a aig—an' I batted my eye, jes' so, an' he shet up purty quick.'