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[ uhn-hinjd ]


  1. having no hinge or hinges, or with the hinges removed:

    an unhinged gate.

  2. unsettled, disordered, or distraught:

    He became unhinged when his friend died.

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Example Sentences

We know so little about defense that some unhinged analysts have even pounded out “defense doesn’t matter” on various social media platforms in fits of rage and frustration.

Their unhinged tone reveals a level of desperation to paint the incoming administration as an affront to America.

Instead of the unhinged rants of celebrities, politicians, and certain media colleagues of mine, I get the more reasoned, edited, fully-formed thoughts they put into articles and interviews.

Now an unhinged nation resumes one of its most sacred pursuits, the official ranking of college football teams toward that distant playoff bracket over yonder.

Indeed, that was what happened — and it was even more unhinged than expected.

This perfectionist, however, has become unhinged—just how Coupe likes it.

And, increasingly, incumbent Republican Pat Roberts is becoming more and more unhinged.

The New Deal and its excesses proved to be a flashpoint for ideological debates that occasionally came unhinged.

Three-time champ Tony Stewart is reviled—and beloved—for his take-no-prisoners, borderline-unhinged attitude.

Why does the former veep keep saying unhinged things—as he did Monday about Iraq?

Eckland's jaw unhinged and the pencil slid from his limp hand and fell to the floor.

His mad rabbit hunt and the deafening roar of his gunfire had temporarily unhinged his mind.

It's only her way of saying that my mind is unhinged and that I ought to be sent to a private hospital for two.

Sara's mouth had been gradually closing, but it unhinged again.

It was the face of a man whose unhinged reason was capable of anything but sanity.


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