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[ uhn-hook ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to detach by or as if by releasing a hook:

    to unhook a tractor from a trailer.

  2. to unfasten or open by undoing a hook or hooks: hook:

    to unhook a door; to unhook a corset.

verb (used without object)

  1. to become unhooked.


/ ʌnˈhʊk /


  1. tr to remove (something) from a hook
  2. tr to unfasten the hook of (a dress, etc)
  3. intr to become unfastened or be capable of unfastening

    the dress wouldn't unhook

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unhook1

First recorded in 1605–15; un- 2 + hook 1

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Example Sentences

In an interview, Strieter Elting said Davis told her about the congressman touching her back and tugging at and unhooking her bra.

We had a paper in Physical Review Letters a few years ago about a simulation of a bunch of balls and springs, just jiggling and the springs were hooking and unhooking from the balls.

A new smart bra from a Japanese company claims to only unhook when it detects a woman is in love.

I found I could pull back the bolts easily enough and unhook the great chains; but the door was locked, and the key was gone!

If he's undersize unhook him gently and throw him back into the river.

It is evidently to mobilize certain of these atoms, to unhook them from the wall and put them in swing.

All that the hangman, whoever he may be, does under the new regime is to unhook the halter and remove the pinioning straps.

You do not stop to unhook the fish, but simply slap them over into the barrel behind you, and then out with the hook again.