[ yoo-nuh-fawr-mi-tair-ee-uh n ]
/ ˌyu nəˌfɔr mɪˈtɛər i ən /


supporting, conforming to, or derived from a theory or doctrine about uniformity, especially on the subject of geology.
Geology. of or relating to the thesis that processes that operated in the remote geological past are not different from those observed now.


a person who accepts or supports a uniformitarian theory.

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Origin of uniformitarian

First recorded in 1830–40; uniformit(y) + -arian

Related formsu·ni·form·i·tar·i·an·ism, noun

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/ (ˌjuːnɪˌfɔːmɪˈtɛərɪən) /


of or relating to uniformitarianism
of, characterized by, or conforming to uniformity


a supporter of a theory of uniformity or of uniformitarianism
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