[ yoo-nuh-lat-er-uh-lee ]


  1. involving, done by, or decided by only one person, side, party, or faction:

    Instead of bargaining with teachers and public service workers, the governor and the legislature have unilaterally reduced pension and health benefits.

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Example Sentences

For weeks, Franchot has publicly and privately called on the governor to send $2,000 checks to state residents, an action he says the governor could take unilaterally.

This trend, especially when applied unilaterally, erodes the fundamental model of cloud computing, which relies on free movement of data across borders.

Another huge personnel expense that cannot be unilaterally cut are retiree health and pension benefits.

Collaboration and partnerships in adtech have typically been hard to come by, leading market-moving companies to make unilateral decisions that they believe are in the best interest of their customers, and arguably, themselves.

From Digiday

After Kerry’s peace initiative failed in 2014, Erekat started to become disillusioned with the peace process and began pushing for unilateral Palestinian measures in international institutions.

From Axios

The police cannot ultimately control public opinion unilaterally.

But that was so yesterday, much like his contention that he lacked the power to unilaterally confer amnesty.

And neither he, nor his secret police squad or some lawyer from Detroit, get to change that unilaterally on a whim.

But the Texas governor ignored statutory procedure and acted unilaterally.

But then some countries with large elephant populations began unilaterally disobeying the ban.

A State, therefore, cannot renounce its international duties unilaterally at discretion, but is and remains legally bound by them.

Direct stimulus applied unilaterally at the responding region induces, on the other hand, a positive curvature.

Each raceme has an axis, called the rachis, which bears unilaterally two rows of bud-like bodies.

Valve turgid in the middle and at the apices which are unilaterally truncate.

Even if we were so thoroughly in disagreement that we would act unilaterally, we couldn't.





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