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/ ˌʌnɪˈmædʒɪnətɪv /


  1. lacking in imagination or imaginative thought; dull

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Derived Forms

  • ˌunimˈaginatively, adverb

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Example Sentences

Doane tweeted, “the film does make fun of Wannabe Berean unimaginative Christians who need to lighten up.”

What was once sexy and mildly transgressive—the perfect antidote to Twilight—devolved into a repetitive, unimaginative mess.

In the history of the FBI, there have likely been few special agents as unimaginative in their corruption as John Morris.

He Said: Yes, this pilot is just as obvious and unimaginative as its title.

Presidential assistants tend to view opposition as the product of selfish lobbyists and unimaginative bureaucrats.

Pedantic, unimaginative and presumptuous, Theobald was the logical choice for a Dunce King in 1728.

And perhaps Jane venerated him still more for his more stern and unimaginative philosophy.

But they meant more than just that, for there were few, even among the unimaginative, who did not feel drawn to that door.

One of these points is the comparatively hard and unimaginative character of its mythology, conforming to that of the race.

His tradition is a high one; he is often a man of exceptional quality, but the system is unimaginative and inflexible.


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