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/ ˌʌnɪmˈpɔːtənt /


  1. lacking in significance or value

    unimportant matters

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Example Sentences

Unlike women, who always think of themselves as unimportant, men always think of themselves as the center of the universe.

From Quartz

Wormholes have a lot, so they receive a low weighting and are thus unimportant at first.

The complex dynamics behind a dripping faucet, the ways adhesive pads can fail, the cracking of mud — these matters might seem unimportant, or even boring.

Perception is full of unimportant information that feels as though it gets discarded.

This field also changes, as scientists discover new ways to get information out of seemingly unimportant bits found through criminal investigations.

Actually giving that up and stepping aside to become the unimportant one for once is very unpleasant, even painful.

The paper goes on to describe the disagreement, which seems to me profoundly unimportant.

When I look back on my life as a volunteer, there is not one minute I think was wasted or unimportant.

In other words, one can trust the entry on Jimmy Carter, but not entries for unimportant schlubs like me.

I had a teacher, when young, who said the word “writer” was unimportant.

The tobacco-box, during the reign of Elizabeth, was no unimportant part of a dandy's outfit; sometimes a pouch or bag was used.

In the English version—with a few unimportant exceptions—the dates are given according to both calendars.

Unimportant alterations may be made, and if any are made, the question may prove difficult, are they important or not.

A few unimportant elisions have been made for the sake of brevity and coherence.

In New Brunswick the Carboniferous rocks occupy a large area, but the coal seams so far developed are thin and unimportant.