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/ ˌʌnɪmˈprɛsɪv /


  1. not capable of impressing, esp by size, magnificence, etc

    an unimpressive performance

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Example Sentences

He was a relatively unimpressive Republican running against a relatively unimpressive Democrat.

The first photos from the far side of the Moon are singularly unimpressive to modern eyes.

They went 13-19, good enough for sixth place in the perennially-unimpressive Big West Conference.

In person, he is slight of build and unimpressive in the way most action-movie stars are off-screen.

The headline number continued the recent trend of generally decent but unimpressive growth.

The writer quoted above does not, and naturally the appeal of the text is artificial and unimpressive to him.

Barney had a glimpse of an unimpressive green and silver disk, reddish froggy eyes.

Much that would have been impressive and lucid as Doheny becomes unimpressive and clouded as Doheny-Davis.

The exterior of the transepts arm is unimpressive and plain; the lower windows are round-arched.

He had spent an hour or so on an unimpressive case, and it was nearly midnight when he turned south from the frontier of Harlem.


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