not developed to full potential, as resources or the mind.
not showing improvement, as one's health, appearance, etc.
(of land) not fitted for a profitable use, as by clearing, cultivation, addition of facilities for dwelling or business purposes, or the like.
not used to advantage; neglected: an unimproved opportunity.
(of animal or plant species) not made more useful or attractive by selective breeding or cultivation.
not enhanced; not increased: Our chance of success is unimproved.

Origin of unimproved

1655–65; un-1 + improved
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unchanged, undeveloped, unaltered, unrestored

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not improved or made better
(of land) not cleared, drained, cultivated, etc
neglected; unusedunimproved resources
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Word Origin and History for unimproved

1660s, "not made better," from un- (1) "not" + past participle of improve. Sense of "not developed or taken advantage of" (of land) is recorded from 1781.

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