united front


  1. a coalition formed to oppose a force that menaces the interests of all the members:

    They presented a united front against the enemy.

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Example Sentences

On top of customer demands, remote and hybrid work isn’t going away, and the shift to distributed teams makes it more challenging for brands to present a united front.

And, worst case, if he’s malignant and tries to retaliate by complaining to his pals in the administration, it’s all the more important for you and Alice to present a united front.

There have been efforts in recent years to create a united front through industry-specific threat-sharing initiatives.

Maybe this time women in different genres will wise up to this and present a more united front.

“One thing we did learn, in front of a group you're a united front no matter what,” says Robert.

As a result, the business community has a tough time presenting a united front on specifics.

What are we gonna do, form a united front against Skrillex?

After news broke of the majority leader's surprise maneuver, Boehner and Cantor hardly presented a united front.

The new movement was evidently anti-Assyrian, and strenuous endeavours were made to present a united front.

The second defect was the impossibility of presenting a united front to foreign countries in respect to commerce.

The opposition presented a united front, but was rent by many stages of gravitation towards Democracy.

Again: Can the Allies present a united front or carry on a uniform line of conduct?

A greater passion than that of revolution swept over the nation and it turned to present a united front to the external foe.





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