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verb (used with object), un·knit·ted or un·knit, un·knit·ting.
  1. to untie or unfasten (a knot, tangle, etc.); unravel (something knitted); undo.
  2. to weaken, undo, or destroy.
  3. to smooth out (something wrinkled).
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verb (used without object), un·knit·ted or un·knit, un·knit·ting.
  1. to become undone.
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Origin of unknit

before 1000; Middle English unknytten, Old English uncnyttan. See un-2, knit
Related formsun·knit·ta·ble, adjective
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Examples from the Web for unknit

Historical Examples

  • And she did knit and unknit her white fingers as they hung before her.

    A Brother To Dragons and Other Old-time Tales

    Amelie Rives

  • The most dolorous of all moral tragedies knit and unknit the most often in silence.

  • Because the knot was knit by faith, and must only be unknit of death.

  • Change must unknit the very knots of the center of the earth.

  • And now he unknit his black brows; looked down, smiling at me, and stroked my hair, as if well pleased at seeing a danger averted.

    Jane Eyre

    Charlotte Bronte

British Dictionary definitions for unknit


verb -knits, -knitting, -knitted or -knit
  1. to make or become undone, untied, or unravelled
  2. (tr) to loosen, weaken, or destroyto unknit an alliance
  3. (tr) rare to smooth out (a wrinkled brow)
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