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/ ʌnˈlɪt /


  1. not having lighting; unilluminated

    avoid unlit streets after dark

  2. not having been ignited

    tapping his unlit cigarette

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Example Sentences

The streets are unlit; the drivers are blind to anything more than a few inches beyond their headlights.

The Daily Beast arrived two hours after the shooting, navigating the unlit roads through mining country.

The man took a long, unlit cigarillo out of his mouth, and paused.

Now Baronova sits in the coffee shop and nervously fiddles with an unlit cigarette.

He pulls an unlit cigar from his teeth, his favorite black Sharpie at the ready.

It led into an unlit chamber; the Countess entered and softly shut herself in; the room was empty, quietly furnished.

As I came in sight, there stood the train, the engines cold and fires unlit.

Slipping the knife into the deep pocket of her cloak, she hurried on into the unlit passage leading to the chapel.

Edward Henry waved the unlit cigarette as a reproach to Mr. Bryany's imperfect hospitality.

Rickie talks to Mr. Pembroke, amidst the unlit valleys of our over-habitable world.