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/ ʌnˈmænɪdʒəbəl /


  1. difficult or impossible to control, use, or manipulate

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Example Sentences

Mention Boy Meets World to a certain set of people and watch an almost unmanageable swell of joy light up their eyes.

The mantra invoked by experts is that climate policy must aim to “avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable.”

Sometimes the program becomes unmanageable as it gets larger.

Revolutions or unmanageable riots have inevitably followed the rise of masses of bored, underemployed young people.

Sandy Weill: Did his empire building result in a company that was literally unmanageable?

It was only in matters relating to the army that the government found the Commons unmanageable.

A man can fight a couple of pigs at meal times, but a whole litter would probably prove unmanageable.

Even the new nobility grew more unmanageable with every day.

The result was that, by this craft hanging suspended to her, she became unmanageable and unable to turn one way or another.

It is so unmanageable when raw that when it falls to the dog he usually bolts it, the case being otherwise hopeless.


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