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/ ʌnˈmɛnʃənd /


  1. not referred to or spoken about

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Example Sentences

Ironically, what has gone unmentioned is that for Hall's first 24 years in Congress, no one could even accuse him of being a RINO.

But other than a quick “Go Hillary,” the would-be candidate, or the work ahead, goes unmentioned.

Yet, as a group, Christians go unmentioned in the interview.

What goes unmentioned in these tall tales of “Vladimir the Vanquisher of the Oligarchs” is what happened to the rest of them.

Left unmentioned in the broader discussion, as David mentioned on Twitter, is that Young is a supporter of immigration reform.

There would have been little in it, but it was as well that the 'boy of the name of Weyburn' at Cuper's should be unmentioned.

An event of mighty augury and most trifling results, which distinguished the year 1845, must not be passed unmentioned.

A conscientious Med Service man would never have let the anti-blueskin obsession go unmentioned in a report on Weald.

The way Binovitch had behaved at Edfu was better left unmentioned at the moment, perhaps.

There is one more painter belonging to the full Renaissance too famous to remain entirely unmentioned.


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