simple past tense and past participle of meet1.

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Contemporary Examples of unmet

  • And this mix of intellectualism and faithfulness is filling an unmet need among students on many of these campuses.

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    Can Christians Still Go to Harvard?

    Kirsten Powers, Jonathan Merritt

    October 12, 2014

  • There are 75 million boomers, representing a lot of angst, unmet expectations, and fading dreams.

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    Is Suicide Still Shocking?

    Michele Willens

    January 2, 2013

Historical Examples of unmet

  • So long as these are unmet, you 'spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labour for that which satisfieth not.'

  • If the bodily needs of the boy are unmet, he can not reach his full development as a man.

    The Unfolding Life

    Antoinette Abernethy Lamoreaux

  • He will come home, but unmet by his dear Or in the hall, or the dingle, Or on the shingle.


    George Borrow

  • "I was not thinking of myself when I made so unmet an exclamation," he explained.

    Mortomley's Estate, Vol. III (of 3)

    Charlotte Elizabeth Lawson Cowan Riddell

  • The Cherry family had been so long in their greetings that they were among the last to pass by the unmet traveller and her pillar.

    The Heart of Arethusa

    Francis Barton Fox

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the past tense and past participle of meet 1


noun the Met informal

(in Britain) the Metropolitan Police Force: the main police force serving London
(in the US) the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Word Origin and History for unmet

c.1600, from un- (1) "not" + past participle of meet (v.).



1879 as colloquial shortening of Metropolitan (n.) "member of the New York Metropolitan Base-Ball Club."

THE baseball season has opened, and along with the twittering of the birds, the budding of the trees, and the clattering of the truck, comes the news that the "Mets were beaten yesterday 17 to 5." It is an infallible sign of spring when the Mets are beaten 17 to 5, and we invariably put on our thinner clothing when we read that refreshing, though perennial news in the papers. ["Life," May 12, 1887]

Used variously to abbreviate other proper names beginning with Metropolitan, e.g. "Metropolitan Museum of Art" (N.Y.), by 1919; "Metropolitan Railway" (stock), by 1890; "Metropolitan Opera Company (N.Y.), by 1922. Related: Mets.



past tense and past participle of meet (v.).

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metabolic equivalent
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See under meet.

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