[ uhn-met ]


  1. not responded to adequately; not satisfied or fulfilled, as a need, expectation, challenge, etc.:

    Migrant health centers could address an important unmet need for health services among farmworkers and their families.

  2. (of a minimum amount) not reached:

    If the production line is disrupted, the result will be everything from defective products to unmet quotas.

  3. not personally or physically encountered:

    This is an essay on my longtime, unmet friend, the mystic Thomas Merton.

  4. (of a traveler) not greeted or picked up on arrival:

    Outside the terminal, pushy taxi drivers were vying to get the few unmet passengers into decrepit taxis.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unmet1

First recorded before 1100; un- 1( def ) + met ( def )

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Example Sentences

And this mix of intellectualism and faithfulness is filling an unmet need among students on many of these campuses.

There are 75 million boomers, representing a lot of angst, unmet expectations, and fading dreams.

The second study in this little book reveals the tremendous unmet need of the world.

Was Panek—and through him this as-yet-unmet leader—behind that attempt on Abrams' life?

Rare indeed, in our earth life, would be the crisis unmet by this treasury of knowledge.

If the bodily needs of the boy are unmet, he can not reach his full development as a man.

The Cherry family had been so long in their greetings that they were among the last to pass by the unmet traveller and her pillar.