[ uhn-moovd ]
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  1. having no emotional response; feeling no pity, sadness, passion, enthusiasm, etc.: He came crying for help, but his family was unmoved—they were worn down from years of helping him to no avail.

  2. unchanged, especially in value or degree; remaining the same, as one’s intentions or principles: Get ready for another day of unmoved barometric pressure.After two weeks of stalled negotiations, both sides remain unmoved.

  1. having not been physically changed from one position or place to another; having been left alone: Does the number of upholstered pieces for the new house include the unmoved furniture?

Origin of unmoved

First recorded in 1350–1400; un-1 + moved

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/ (ʌnˈmuːvd) /

  1. not affected emotionally

  2. unchanged: share price remained unmoved

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