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[ uhn-ok-yuh-pahyd ]


  1. without occupants; empty; vacant.
  2. not held or controlled by invading forces:

    unoccupied nations.

  3. not busy or active; idle; not gainfully employed:

    an unoccupied person.

  4. without inhabitants; deserted.


/ ʌnˈɒkjʊˌpaɪd /


  1. (of a building) without occupants
  2. unemployed or idle
  3. (of an area or country) not overrun by foreign troops

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unoccupied1

1350–1400; Middle English; un- 1, occupy ( def ), -ed 2( def )
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Example Sentences

Police said two groups were firing at each other when they found a common enemy and trained their gunfire on an unoccupied police cruiser and responding officers, who escaped injury.

Moïse had been ruling by decree since January 2020, after he refused to organize legislative elections, leaving all but 10 of Haiti’s parliamentary seats unoccupied.

From Time

A large tree fell through the roof and into a bedroom of an unoccupied home in Bowie, officials said.

So you should keep all your seatbelts buckled anytime a seat is unoccupied.

It was unoccupied because renovations from the previous fire had just finished, authorities said.

At the time, the Special Forces were pushing into Afghan villages previously unoccupied by coalition forces.

Fellow drivers can then bid on the newly unoccupied one, promising up to $150 per month in profit for parking spot rentals.

Property worth £350m was unoccupied on The Bishops Avenue, an exclusive street in a north London enclave.

My favorite chair for once unoccupied by child or Lego construction.

Among the rows of unoccupied desks, I could only count about seven people.

Two young lovers were exchanging their hearts' yearnings beneath the children's tent, which they had found unoccupied.

The unoccupied pallet of Martini lay in one corner of this miserable anti-room.

So at first we said nothing, but waved with our case knife toward an unoccupied box, as who should say sit down.

Life had given her a deep surface; the depths below it sent up rare vibrations; and her mind was seldom unoccupied.

In the side yard was a hammock under the trees which had been unoccupied this year past, but to-night it was occupied again.


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