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[ uhn-awr-dn-er-ee ]


  1. unusual or uncommon:

    The weather was wet and cold, as expected—nothing too unordinary.

  2. original, unique, or distinguished in some way; out of the ordinary:

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Example Sentences

So despite the fact that the experiment involved extreme pressures and temperatures, Nilsson says, “it influences water in our ordinary life.”

The 1918 flu, for example, crisscrossed the globe and claimed tens of millions of lives, yet by 1920, the virus that caused it had become significantly less deadly, causing only ordinary seasonal flu.

His mind becomes unfocused, it focuses on everything, no longer directed toward any ordinary task or social pleasantry.

Honda’s launch of its Level 3 Legend in March 2021 will be one watched by regulators and ordinary drivers alike around the world as one of the first true tests of a mass-produced and regulator-approved autonomous vehicle system.

Soon those experiments showed that polywater’s properties came about from the presence of impurities in ordinary water.

It was enough that he qualified as that all too unordinary social phenomenon, "an amusing person."

It was a six-legged, striped, catlike beast, not unordinary as interplanetary animals go.


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