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[ uhn-awr-guh-nahyzd ]


  1. not organized; organized; without organic structure.
  2. not formed into an organized organized or systematized whole:

    an unorganized essay.

    Synonyms: unsystematic, haphazard, random, casual

  3. without definite boundaries:

    unorganized territory.

  4. not thinking or acting methodically.
  5. not belonging to or represented by a labor union:

    unorganized workers.


/ ʌnˈɔːɡəˌnaɪzd /


  1. not arranged into an organized system, structure, or unity
  2. (of workers) not unionized
  3. nonliving; inorganic
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Word History and Origins

Origin of unorganized1

First recorded in 1680–90; un- 1 + organized
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Example Sentences

But powerful, unorganized militant groups may pose problems after this period of turmoil plays out, leaving behind a power vacuum.

But one of the principal causes has been the relative impotence of the unorganized and divided Arab and Muslim political response.

At the moment, parents are the singlemost unorganized constituency on climate change, but some of us hope to change that.

But it was still an unorganized effort, while Limbaugh has a powerful bully pulpit, he does not have a political machine.

Urinary sediments may be studied under three heads: A. Unorganized sediments.

For a number of years organization was made the leading line of work, and in 1888 only three counties remained unorganized.

Conservative Judaism loyal to the United States and its institutions as conceived by its founders is unorganized and inarticulate.

A small preliminary difficulty to some is how to organize an as yet unorganized club.

The strikes of 1885, even more than those of the preceding year, were spontaneous outbreaks of unorganized masses.


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