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/ ˌʌnpæ-; ˌʌnpeɪtrɪˈɒtɪk /


  1. not enthusiastically supporting one's country and its ways of life

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Example Sentences

The role was originally offered to John Wayne, who rejected it for being “unpatriotic.”

It is probably unpatriotic but I am having fun here on the beach with my friends.

To have our children in this condition, one in five struggling with hunger is unpatriotic.

When Ron Paul says that the act itself is unpatriotic, Gingrich responds with the example of Timothy McVeigh.

The perception that liberals are unpatriotic stems from that moment in time and from actions just like that.

If one remains silent and controlled, then one is "phlegmatic," "cool-blooded," "unpatriotic."

As the war went on his unpatriotic feelings were constantly displayed in a most offensive manner.

It was never said of him that he was unpatriotic in his intentions, only that he was wilful, vindictive, and ignorant.

Miss Ellison and I are so unpatriotic that we're going to work till the parade begins this afternoon.

Its absence was noted wherever that absence could be construed into a sign of unpatriotic feeling.


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