[ uhn-pik ]

verb (used with object)
  1. to take out the stitches of (sewing, knitting, etc.).

Origin of unpick

1350–1400 for earlier sense; 1770–80 for current sense; Middle English unpiken to pick (a lock); see un-2, pick1

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How to use unpick in a sentence

  • Connie, if we can unpick the lock and get the door open, where shall we go?

    Sue, A Little Heroine | L. T. Meade
  • You won't unpick the sewing on the American cloth too, will you?

    Queensland Cousins | Eleanor Luisa Haverfield
  • In this case, unpick the cuffs if possible, if not, cut them off close up.

  • She flung down the skirt that she was helping to unpick and let the scissors fall to the ground.

    Girls of the Forest | L. T. Meade
  • He makes a frantic endeavour to unpick the stitches, finally giving it up in despair.

    Peerless Prestidigitation | Herbert De Caston

British Dictionary definitions for unpick


/ (ʌnˈpɪk) /

  1. to undo (the stitches) of (a piece of sewing)

  2. to unravel or undo (a garment, etc)

  1. obsolete to open (a door, lock, etc) by picking

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