US unpracticed

/ (ʌnˈpræktɪst) /

  1. without skill, training, or experience

  2. not used or done often or repeatedly

  1. not yet tested

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How to use unpractised in a sentence

  • These two classes of instruments are very apt to deceive unpractised ears.

  • Having the reins and whip placed in your unpractised hands while coachee indulges in a glass and chat.

  • Fancy might have regarded the act as the recrudescence of a trick in which her armed progenitors were not unpractised.

  • See, too, how slowly the unpractised apprehension of an older child trudges after the nimbleness of a conjurer.

    Ceres' Runaway | Alice Meynell
  • In fact, they might have passed for the latter to an unpractised eye, particularly at that season when deer are ‘in the red.’

    The Hunters' Feast | Mayne Reid