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/ ʌnˈpruːvən /


  1. not established as true by evidence or demonstration

    unproven allegations

  2. (of a new product, system, treatment, etc) not tried or tested

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Example Sentences

Anti-abortion organizations tend to tend to propagate the idea that the procedure is dangerous and unproven.

The notion that Ebola might be a sexually transmitted disease remains plausible if unproven.

But last week the idea that sometimes we should say no to unproven technology was finally given a hearing.

While CBS is taking a gamble on a relatively unknown (and unproven) talent, to many critics this decision was all too predictable.

[It] is ludicrous to make such a risky and unproven view the centerpiece of European science policy.

Is it scientific to accept as true an unproven theory and make it the basis of all belief?

In short, so far from being a great universal philosophy, it is simply a disjointed combination of unproven theories.

It is a fine old tree, and it is not improbable—though it is unproven—that it dates back to the first settlement of Natick.

The evidence that antimony was really there was not satisfactory, and that twenty grains were in the stomach wholly unproven.

To entrust a confidence to one of unproven sympathy, is to risk a profitless embarrassment.