unpublished work


, Law.
  1. a literary work that has not been reproduced for sale or publicly distributed.

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Example Sentences

While fans are assuredly saddened by the unpublished work by one of the industry's most popular writers and a legendary comic book artist, the mystery behind their work is undeniably exhilarating, especially given the topic of their work.

It remains an unpublished work that I keep in an envelope in my drawer.

In unpublished work, the researchers have also confirmed that putting a cloth mask over the medical mask works well.

I spent probably 100 hours referencing and cross-referencing Hammett's published versus his unpublished work.

It is an extract from an unpublished work, entitled Life in the Rocky Mountains.

In the above remarks I am making use of unpublished work by my friend Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Publication divests the author or proprietor of an unpublished work of his common law rights therein.

The plaintiff in that case was the English assignee of the unpublished work of a non-resident foreigner.

The right of an author to his unpublished work is of a much wider and more exclusive nature than his right to published matter.