[ uhn-kwoht; contrastively uhn-kwoht ]

verb (used without object)

, un·quot·ed, un·quot·ing.
  1. to close a quotation (often used with the word quote, which notes the opening of the quotation):

    The senator said, quote, I am unalterably opposed to this policy, unquote.


/ ʌnˈkwəʊt /


  1. an expression used parenthetically to indicate that the preceding quotation is finished


  1. to close (a quotation), esp in printing

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unquote1

First recorded in 1910–15; un- 2 + quote

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Example Sentences

My quote-unquote soil, which is water, turns over a thousand times a day.

I remember starting to post in October and taking it, quote-unquote, a little bit more seriously — trying to build a brand off of it.

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It’s issued by the, you know, in some ways, quote-unquote, the top of the house.

There’s proof that professionally produced quote-unquote long-form, TV-like content is one category of video.

From Digiday

Every few years, there’s some quote-unquote free-speech platform that gets founded in response to changes or policy changes that have been made.

That to me felt like a moment where she really needed to put on her “Olivia Pope,” quote unquote, identity.

A trove of Bush-era emails that had been quote-unquote-lost resurfaced in 2009, the victim of an ostensible act of mislabeling.

The risk of claiming that a series has jumped the shark, quote-unquote, is that you could be jumping the gun.

To have your lifeline and your family be your quote unquote day job—you can do a movie and then hop right back.

Cain accused Rove of mounting “a deliberate attempt to damage me because I am not, quote unquote, the establishment choice.”

He isn't your friend Shefter; Shefter retired on account of quote ill-health unquote.

The President, however, has regained consciousness, and his life is in no danger—Unquote.

Took a suite in Space Verge hotel with four quote secretaries unquote, and has refused to see anyone.

Quote, "Lowery stated he and several others grabbed Ruby," unquote.

The spec says quote shall be free from objectionable cavitation unquote.