[ uhn-rey-tid ]

  1. not having or not given a rating or ranking:The safety rating for this car applies only to the diesel version—the gasoline versions are unrated.

  2. (of a motion picture) not given a rating by the MPA: The Blu-ray edition includes the theatrical release as well as an extended, unrated cut and a heap of additional found footage.

  1. not having been assigned a creditworthiness rating, as a financial instrument:The fund may invest no more than 10 percent of its total assets in lower-rated or unrated corporate bonds, commonly referred to as junk bonds.

  2. not having earned a competition ranking or rating, as a sports team or athlete:Unrated players will be given a provisional rating for the purposes of assigning tournament opponents.

Origin of unrated

First recorded in 1645–55; un-1 + rated1

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