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[ uhn-red-ee ]


  1. not ready; not made ready:

    The new stadium is as yet unready for use.

  2. not in a state of readiness; unprepared:

    emotionally unready for success.

  3. lacking in presence of mind, as when a quick decision or a sharp answer is required:

    Awkward situations often found him unready.

  4. British Dialect. not dressed.
  5. not prompt or quick.


/ ʌnˈrɛdɪ /


  1. not ready or prepared
  2. slow or hesitant to see or act
  3. archaic.
    not dressed

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Derived Forms

  • unˈreadily, adverb
  • unˈreadiness, noun

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Other Words From

  • un·readi·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unready1

First recorded in 1250–1300, unready is from the Middle English word unredy. See un- 1, ready

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Example Sentences

The king was, therefore, required to be sharply alert to the threats of invasion, but, alas, he was too often a wimp—and all too frequently caught unready.

The Chiefs looked lost, unprepared and unready for the biggest game of the year.

As the 2019 Global Health Security Index showed, most nations were unready for a pandemic.

An internal candidate was deemed unready, and the CEO of Sun Microsystems was seen as too outspoken, so they chose Apotheker.

By no effort can his elders altogether succeed in keeping tragedy out of the life that is so unready for it.

He did not think of her as one to be blamed, but as one too trusting, and so deceived; he never felt unready to stand up for her.

Just as Peters inferred to have been the case, the attack on the Timothy S. caught the whole crew of pearl hunters unready.

His own numbers were slightly superior, and with a swift rush he annihilated the unready Russians.

Turkey appears early in the month as unready to fight Greece before the autumn, "when the ships come home."


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