[ uhn-ree-zuh-nuh-buhl, -reez-nuh- ]
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  1. not reasonable or rational; acting at variance with or contrary to reason; not guided by reason or sound judgment; irrational: an unreasonable person.

  2. not in accordance with practical realities, as attitude or behavior; inappropriate: His Bohemianism was an unreasonable way of life for one so rich.

  1. excessive, immoderate, or exorbitant; unconscionable: an unreasonable price; unreasonable demands.

  2. not having the faculty of reason.

Origin of unreasonable

First recorded in 1300–50, unreasonable is from the Middle English word unresonabel.See un-1, reasonable

Other words for unreasonable

Other words from unreasonable

  • un·rea·son·a·ble·ness, noun
  • un·rea·son·a·bly, adverb

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How to use unreasonable in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for unreasonable


/ (ʌnˈriːznəbəl) /

  1. immoderate; excessive: unreasonable demands

  2. refusing to listen to reason

  1. lacking reason or judgment

Derived forms of unreasonable

  • unreasonableness, noun
  • unreasonably, adverb

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