[ uhn-ree-kuhn-struhk-tid ]
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  1. stubbornly maintaining earlier positions, beliefs, etc.; not adjusted to new or current situations: an unreconstructed conservative.

  2. U.S. History. (of Southern states) not accepting the conditions for reinstatement in the Union after the Civil War.

Origin of unreconstructed

First recorded in 1865–70, Americanism;un-1 + reconstruct + -ed2

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How to use unreconstructed in a sentence

  • Perhaps she thought of Hugo then; of perhaps the small unreconstructed corner of her mind grew more unrestful.

    V. V.'s Eyes | Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • It is reproachfully said by alien writers that the Southern women are more unreconstructed rebels than the men.

    The Dixie Book of Days | Matthew Page Andrews
  • Caleb Gordon had accepted defeat openly and honestly, and for this the unreconstructed Major had never fully forgiven him.

    The Quickening | Francis Lynde
  • Miss Ella and Louise were entirely unreconstructed as far as the colored people were concerned.

  • The unreconstructed Boers refused to fight for the Power that humbled them in 1902.

    An African Adventure | Isaac F. Marcosson

British Dictionary definitions for unreconstructed


/ (ˌʌnriːkənsˈtrʌktɪd) /

  1. mainly US unwilling to accept social and economic change, as exemplified by those White Southerners who refused to accept the Reconstruction after the Civil War

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