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  1. not reflected on; not given consideration: unreflected opinions.
  2. not cast back, as light, heat, or an image: the unreflected heat of the sun.
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Origin of unreflected

First recorded in 1660–70; un-1 + reflect + -ed2
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Examples from the Web for unreflected

Historical Examples

  • Unreflected celebration of technocracy as the sole agent of change must be treated with the same suspicion as its demonization.

    The Civilization of Illiteracy

    Mihai Nadin

  • Now, an unreflected morality cannot continue to hold its ground against the principle of subjective freedom.

  • Brahma represents the creative principle, the unreflected or unevolved protogoneus state of divinity—the Father.

British Dictionary definitions for unreflected


  1. (foll by on or upon) not considered
  2. (of light, particles, etc, incident on a surface) not reflected; absorbed or transmitted
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