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/ ˌʌnrɪˈleɪtɪd /


  1. not connected or associated

    an unrelated incident

  2. not connected by kinship or marriage

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Example Sentences

To understand the latest data on altitude training for endurance athletes, it’s worth looking back at a seemingly unrelated study published in 2015.

These were determined to be related to an undiagnosed case of multiple sclerosis unrelated to the vaccination, and the trials were allowed to resume, the company said.

From Fortune

If after investigating, the monitoring board is comfortable there are reasons unrelated to the vaccine to explain the adverse event, the trial will be able to continue, he said.

From Fortune

La Posta only learned of the construction informally during an unrelated meeting with the Bureau of Land Management in March.

After a while, mathematicians began to think about what symplectic phenomena would look like in geometric spaces unrelated to the physical world.

Before this latest brush with the law, the rapper was facing pot-bust and unrelated gun charges.

What other shameful secrets might a search of his Internet history turn up unrelated to his months swooning over ISIS?

Both Rezko and Blagojevich have since been convicted on unrelated federal corruption charges.

During an interview Tuesday about an unrelated matter, The Daily Beast asked Trump if he is planning on running this time around.

Previously, police had linked four attacks—but one of them was found to be unrelated after further interviews.

There are other times when I feel the tug and fret to be back.4 It is my mood to-day, as war is a succession of unrelated moods.

They are entirely different, and so far as we can see, entirely incompatible and unrelated.

Now, the non-scientific mind sees things as more or less unrelated.

In rote memory, that is, memory for lists of unrelated words, there is not much difference; but the girls are somewhat better.

Let us suppose that two neighboring and unrelated languages, A and B, each possess voiceless l-sounds (compare Welsh ll).