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/ ˌʌnrɪˈpɔːtɪd /


  1. not reported or recorded

    unreported cases

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Example Sentences

Rape and sexual assault, whatever the setting, goes largely unreported.

The ruse worked and her attendance at the party went unreported.

Nobody can say how many go unreported, and the horror stories just keep on coming.

Many who have risked their lives to be in the United States would rather let a crime go unreported than risk deportation.

With the knowledge of how many go unreported, the BJS survey is seen as a more accurate portrayal of hate crime in America.

It was carried to an extreme point by the present parliament, the "unreported parliament" as it was called.

This impudence shall not go unreported, I promise thee, and thine ears shall ring for it.

How long this period of development and experimentation required is unreported.

Certain general categories of items, such as household utensils and remains of foodstuffs, are absent and unreported.

Its invective reaches us from all the mediaeval centuries; while monastic regularity has more commonly been unreported.