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/ ˌʌnrɪˈzɒlvd /


  1. (of a problem or dispute) not having been solved or concluded

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Example Sentences

In that sense, the last Report was mildly unsatisfying as a conclusion, in that it left so much unresolved.

While there are several important matters as yet unresolved, it's certainly ready for him to read again.

“We draw no victory from leaving these issues unresolved,” Adler said.

Along with all the others, an Anglo-American controversy (still unresolved today) grew up out of this matter of Omaha.

“I know that a lot of my stories come from the sort of unresolved tensions of my childhood,” he says.

But the resolution into stars is only partial, and there still remains a background of unresolved shimmer.

Evidently they held her eyes waking; they were dreadfully there, still unresolved or still unpalatable.

No Wolfan in his right mind will bargain with a Dry-towner carrying an unresolved blood-feud.

On which cogitations there fell presently the strokes of many bells tolling midnight, and left them still unresolved.

Wagner's aim at expressing the soul of things is still further helped by his system of continuous, unresolved melody.