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[ uhn-rohl ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to open or spread out (something rolled or coiled):

    to unroll a bolt of fabric.

  2. to lay open; display; reveal.
  3. Obsolete. to strike from a roll or register.

verb (used without object)

  1. to become unrolled or spread out:

    The scrolls unroll easily.

  2. to become continuously visible or apparent:

    The landscape unrolled before our eyes.


/ ʌnˈrəʊl /


  1. to open out or unwind (something rolled, folded, or coiled) or (of something rolled, etc) to become opened out or unwound
  2. to make or become visible or apparent, esp gradually; unfold

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unroll1

First recorded in 1375–1425, unroll is from the late Middle English word unrollen. See un- 2, roll

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Example Sentences

Even before sanctions really took full hold or before the full suite of sanctions were unrolled, you had the private sector making decisions to divest, to withdraw investments, to minimize exposure to Russia.

From Time

With its innovative design, you can quickly see its contents when it’s unrolled and hung.

Taken in the fully unrolled context of her career, the fact that she started so young seems like its least interesting aspect.

Their theories sit particularly awkwardly in the present moment, when countries are combating the pandemic by unrolling popular spending programs.

From Quartz

In all these problems, the basic idea is to unroll your shape in a way that makes the paths you are studying simpler.

The steely lake, and the rough-ridged, black-green sea of the fir-tops began to unroll below him.

Soften the leaves by soaking in hot water, unroll carefully and examine with a hand lens or low power of the microscope.

The author began in the previous verse to unroll his magnificent record of the elders.

Then in an instant there seemed to unroll before him the long, slow years of the desolation of that home without Jamie.

Unroll thy long scroll and say, have they won who first reached the goal, heedless of a brother's rights?


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