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/ ˌʌnrəʊˈmæntɪk /


  1. not of, related to, imbued with, or characterized by romance

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Example Sentences

It would have been easy to pity—and forget—the women that Davis played: ordinary, working class, and unromantic.

Tear out your guts and put them on the page, with scrupulous, faithful, unromantic honesty.

And Yahoo above all reminds us just how unromantic and unforgiving the golly-gee world of new technology is.

Plus, lighter anecdotes from Rumsfeld's memoir, including his unromantic proposal and his take on Hurricane Katrina.

Pip walking down the hallway of her adolescence sporting unromantic hair.

Such unromantic literature as Acts of Parliament had not, it may be supposed, up to this, formed part of my mental pabulum.

An odd and somewhat unromantic name, but very significant of the circumstances under which she was found.

Our forebears travelled the roads from necessity, and saw nothing save unromantic discomforts in their journeyings to and fro.

For the rest, the “Dolphin” is a singularly dull and unromantic-looking house, painted a leaden hue.

Truly a very pretty modern ballad to be sung in these unromantic, degenerate days!