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[ uhn-sed ]


  1. simple past tense and past participle of unsay.



[ uhn-sed ]


  1. not said; thought but not mentioned or discussed; unstated:

    It was best left unsaid.


/ ʌnˈsɛd /


  1. not said or expressed; unspoken

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unsaid1

before 1000; Middle English unsa ( i ) d, Old English unsǣd; un- 1, said 1

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Example Sentences

It’s left unsaid who exactly the country is being taken back from.

Salama listens to locals speak about the changes they’ve seen over the years without much editorializing, but he often senses what’s been left unsaid.

What goes unsaid is that any valuation methodology is only as good as the many, many assumptions that go into it, and therein lies the art.

Some of the most heartbreaking scenes in the novel are those that capture how terribly the father and the son communicate with each other, and all the things left unsaid in the spirit of love and protection.

Also, the NFL is investigating the team’s workplace harassment charges and, though unsaid, evaluating whether there are grounds to throw Snyder out of the NFL owners’ club.

The unsaid fact, of course, is that her search must be a Judeo-Christian one.

Also left unsaid by Wise: Goodell was not initiating a law enforcement investigation.

He hoped his feast would “start a discussion,” though what this discussion should be about was left unsaid.

Left unsaid is that technological innovation frequently comes with dual capabilities, including military use.

For all the pope said, there are still many more things left unsaid.

They have kept their promise well, too well, but God will accord me strength to tell you what has been left unsaid by them.

Please consider unsaid all that I have said in praise of this mountain, its air, water, and everything that is its.

I think it would be a pity to let the pretty words waste themselves unsaid.

She made long pauses between her sentences, as if she were considering what to say and what to leave unsaid.

Not a word is left unsaid that can flatter the criminal or encourage the thriftless.


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