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/ ʌnˈsætɪsˌfaɪd /


  1. (of a person, demand, need, etc) not satisfied or fulfilled

    an unsatisfied demand for fresh fruit

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Example Sentences

A cable news viewer’s appetite for a single talking head to address the problems of cultural organizations goes unsatisfied, year after year.

First, it turns an unhappy and unsatisfied customer into a happy and satisfied customer.

The badge is so trust-oriented that if a consumer is unsatisfied with a service pro’s work, Google may refund the amount paid for the service – the “Guaranteed.”

If you’re unsatisfied with the quiet, tinny sound coming from your TV’s speakers, a soundbar can seriously improve your movie-watching experience.

However, sometimes, even a loyal customer with long-lasting relationships with you can still be unsatisfied with some aspects of your work.

I still tell them no, even if it means that some of them leave as unsatisfied customers.

Now, unsatisfied customers simply have to ask for a refund, and many do, though they are banned from RSD afterward.

But some CBC members who attended a later meeting with Jarrett said they remained unsatisfied.

When a man and a woman are having sex, the woman is often left unsatisfied.

This revanchist minority is angry, unsatisfied, and ready to fight.

Thus among the huge mass of accumulated commodities the simplest wants would go unsatisfied.

Unsatisfied yearnings hunted his soul across the empty desert that now seemed life.

She said no more; she gave a scarcely audible sigh; she seemed unsatisfied somewhere.

It struck Laura that Brodrick looked singularly unsatisfied for a man who has realized his dream.

Our curiosity was as yet unsatisfied about those white spires of ice to which our eyes had constantly returned.


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