/ (ʌnˈsiːɪŋ) /

  1. with one's eyes open but not noticing or perceiving anything

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How to use unseeing in a sentence

  • The two men stared at each other with unseeing eyes, neither conscious, it would seem, of the other's presence.

    The Light That Lures | Percy Brebner
  • If dullness seem to enfold us, be sure it is we that are dull; it is because our minds are lazy and our eyes unseeing.

    Prairie Smoke (Second Edition, Revised) | Melvin Randolph Gilmore
  • Once only had she seen the lids fall slowly downward, to rise again over the unseeing eyes.

    Tess of the Storm Country | Grace Miller White
  • The stillness of her head and features was remarkable: she might have been in a trance, her eyes open, yet unseeing.