/ (ˌʌnsɛntɪˈmɛntəl) /

  1. not tending to indulge the emotions excessively: a frank and unsentimental account

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How to use unsentimental in a sentence

  • Phillipa kept Louie near her and made funny unsentimental speeches until the old feeling seemed quite restored.

    The Girls at Mount Morris | Amanda Minnie Douglas
  • It is only in practical, unsentimental England that these things are at all possible.

  • What could possess him to be so provoking and unsentimental to-night?

    The Daisy Chain | Charlotte Yonge
  • He's unsentimental and level headed, and doesn't like marriage.

    Emily Fox-Seton | Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Garry—unsentimental Garry—blinked as the car shot down the lane.

    Kenny | Leona Dalrymple