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/ ʌnˈʃeɪkəbəl /


  1. (of beliefs, convictions, etc) utterly firm and unwavering

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Derived Forms

  • unˈshakableness, noun
  • unˈshakably, adverb

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Example Sentences

These emotional reactions help develop an unshakable trust between the partisan content creators and the content consumers.

And all allegedly awoke with the unshakable sense that something wrong had occurred.

An unshakable feeling that the Devil is nearby, intense paranoia, and criticism over a bad haircut?

Well, so much for the international “unshakable” confidence in the U.S. Treasury.

Message discipline: Unshakable principles; skilled communicator.

In the face of her constant courage, her unshakable faith, her inner strength, and quiet grace, even Jim Crow had to yield.

He could have spoken thus for hours and been always met by the same firm, unshakable obstinacy—an Afchin could not visit a slave.

Even what is firm and unshakable is being shaken; but he who dispenses treasures, O Maruts, has grown in strength.

He's the same unshakable, unchangeable, ungrow-upable Barker!

Mr. Ellsworth laughed pleasantly at Roy's unshakable faith in his absent friend.

When the ladies consulted him in the Casino or in the Htel de Paris, he displayed unshakable optimism in the face of the bad news.