/ (ʌnˈʃeɪvən) /

  1. not having shaved or been shaven recently

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How to use unshaven in a sentence

  • The very poor, too, went usually unshaven and unshorn, simply because this was the cheap and easy fashion.

    The Private Life of the Romans | Harold Whetstone Johnston
  • And, lifting an unshaven chin, he pointed over his shoulder with a long, grimy thumb to the western sky.

    Through the Wall | Cleveland Moffett
  • The officer was a young man, although under the mask of dirt and mud splashes and unshaven chin he might have been any age.

    Grapes of wrath | Boyd Cable
  • Andy Green, unshaven as to face and haggard as to eyes, leaned upon his stout, willow stick and looked gloomily away to the west.

    The Happy Family | Bertha Muzzy Bower
  • The proprietor himself thrust in his head, bullet-shaped, with black moustache and unshaven chin.

    Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo | E. Phillips Oppenheim