not shipped, as goods.
(of a person) having no ship.
out of position or formation, as a boat or ship.

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Origin of unshipped

1710–20; un-1 + shipped



verb (used with object), un·shipped, un·ship·ping.

to put or take off from a ship, as persons or goods.
to remove from the place proper for its use, as an oar or tiller.

verb (used without object), un·shipped, un·ship·ping.

to become unloaded or removed.

Origin of unship

1400–50; late Middle English unshippen; see un-2, ship1

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verb -ships, -shipping or -shipped

to be or cause to be unloaded, discharged, or disembarked from a ship
(tr) nautical to remove from a regular placeto unship oars
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