/ (ʌnˈspɛsɪˌfaɪd) /

  1. not referred to or stated specifically

Words Nearby unspecified

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How to use unspecified in a sentence

  • Attorney Cooley asked this witness about the speech made at an unspecified street meeting.

    The Everett massacre | Walker C. Smith
  • He also omits many headings in the bibliography of geology, India, and other unspecified large fields.

  • But we beg the reader to notice that no child is mentioned, but only a son whose age is unspecified.

    Bible Studies | Joseph M. Wheeler
  • There remains a margin of unspecified services; for he must do what he is told to do according to the will of the bishop.

    Domesday Book and Beyond | Frederic William Maitland
  • John Mercer recorded the purchases of several pipes of wine—kinds unspecified—a pipe being a large or even double-size hogshead.