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/ ʌnˈsteɪtɪd /


  1. not having been articulated or uttered

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Example Sentences

The unstated goal, in those workshop stories, was to write a detailed story in which everything was implied and never stated.

The NFL's real reason, though officially unstated, for choosing the Meadowlands site is all about money.

Often there is an unstated understanding that the worst tendencies of North Korea used to be here in China and some still are.

Unstated was why Khadr might be so angry at U.S. soldiers as to relish in the death of one of them.

The people of Rome, wrathful against the Cæsar, vaguely demanding vengeance for wrongs unstated, had not gone to rest.

What unstated premises led to that conclusion we do not know.

The undertow of power is something unstated to which all his facts and laws refer.

On the other hand John Stow seems to have acquired, from some unstated source, an extraordinary prejudice against him.

But then, for some unstated reason, Sunny was a privileged person on Suffering Creek.


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