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/ ʌnˈstɒpt /


  1. not obstructed or stopped up
  2. phonetics denoting a speech sound for whose articulation the closure is not complete, as in the pronunciation of a vowel, fricative, or continuant
  3. prosody (of verse) having the sense of the line carried over into the next
  4. (of an organ pipe or a string on a musical instrument) not stopped

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Example Sentences

His success was revolutionary, but what would the crusader think if he saw the massacres that have gone unstopped today?

Amongst other signs "the eyes of the blind were to be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped."

The phial must be carefully corked, and when used should be unstopped, to admit the external air, and closed again.

Leaks unstopped, broken windows unrepaired, and vermin unrestrained, soon make them unfit for habitation.

The little man unstopped the vial, poured a shimmering green drop on his wrist, frowning.

In a wild woodland country, with earths unstopped, no pack of hounds could fairly run down a fox.


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