[ uhn-suh b-skrahyb ]
/ ˌʌn səbˈskraɪb /

verb (used without object), un·sub·scribed, un·sub·scrib·ing.

to cancel a subscription to or remove a name from an online mailing list, publication, or service.

verb (used with object), un·sub·scribed, un·sub·scrib·ing.

to remove (a subscriber) from an online mailing list, publication, etc.
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/ (ˌʌnsəbˈskraɪb) /


(intr) to cancel a subscription, for example to an emailing serviceyou can unsubscribe at the following URL
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1570s (implied in unsubscribed), from un- (2) "reverse of" + subscribe. Related: unsubscribing.

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