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[ uhn-suhb-stan-shee-ey-tid ]


  1. not substantiated; unproved or unverified:

    unsubstantiated allegations.

  2. being without form or substance.


/ ˌʌnsəbˈstænʃɪˌeɪtɪd /


  1. not established as valid or genuine

    unsubstantiated allegations

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unsubstantiated1

First recorded in 1765–75; un- 1 + substantiate + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Google antitrust case centers on consumer choice and how rivals get boxed outPichai insisted in his prepared remarks that Google is not politically biased, echoing the company’s repeated refrain to these unsubstantiated concerns.

When it did reverse course, Dorsey explained—not entirely convincingly and thereby playing into the hands of critics—that the initial moderation choice was due to the Post story sharing personal information, rather than its unsubstantiated claims.

From Fortune

This election cycle, unsubstantiated voter fraud has been a campaign talking point, while voter suppression is a very real threat.

From Quartz

In its responses for this story, Prospect made an array of unsubstantiated allegations about Aleman’s workplace conduct during his 12 years at the company.

It also said it would have been “economically impossible” for Prospect to take over liability for the retirement system and called the receiver’s allegations about the company’s actions “false and unsubstantiated.”

One commenter wrote that this unsubstantiated rumor clearly meant that “Rihanna had what was coming to her.”

This in no way changes the fact that Bryan Singer is innocent of these unsubstantiated lies.

This is just the latest example of contradictory and unsubstantiated information from unnamed sources leaking from Kuala Lumpur.

“Whispers” in this case, means “unsubstantiated and probably made up rumors.”

An unsubstantiated survey reports that 15.1 million of them are still shocked that Jeff Daniels won.

The articles seemed woven of fact, but she could not accept them unsubstantiated.

The Code admits no claim unsubstantiated by documents or the oath of witnesses.

Criticism and comment on well-known and admitted facts are very different things from the assertion of unsubstantiated facts.

The referee challenges the therapeutic claims on the basis that they are extravagant and unsubstantiated.

The claims made for Virol being unsubstantiated and unwarranted, the Council voted that the preparation be refused recognition.


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