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/ ʌnˈsuːtɪd; ʌnˈsjuː- /


  1. not appropriate for a particular purpose

    temperamentally unsuited to his role

  2. (of two people) not likely to have a successful relationship

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Example Sentences

After a brief encounter with combat, Slovik declared himself constitutionally unsuited for warfare.

Green campaigning today is totally unsuited to political and economic realities.

I with a wife unsuited to me, and she with a husband unsuitable for any woman.

Unfortunately, despite this good academic work, Dr Lagina is entirely unsuited to a career in education due to his surname.

Under any of these circumstances, would anyone dispute that Scalia was unsuited for his post?

She thought of this, she faced it; the soul of her condemned it as a fate almost ludicrously unsuited to her.

Whatever is supernatural is unsuited to man, and whatever is beyond his comprehension ought not to occupy his attention.

That's a heathenish word, Tony, and most unsuited to be used in thankfulness for God's blessings.

We take him with his qualities, impetuosity being one, and not unsuited to his arm of the service, as he has shown.

The subject was a dry one, and quite unsuited to Dr. Spenser, whose heart was set on maintaining a reputation for caustic wit.


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