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/ ˌʌnsəˈpɔːtɪd /


  1. not supported physically, financially, or emotionally

    unable to sit up unsupported

  2. not upheld by evidence or facts; unsubstantiated
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Example Sentences

That, of course, is pure speculation, unsupported by evidence.

They were serial bunglers, making unsupported statements, frequently contradictory and just as frequently reversed.

The claim that Republicans hurt themselves by opposing same-sex marriage looks utterly unsupported by the electoral evidence.

He called them “an ever more draconian approach to white collar crime, unsupported by any empirical data.”

This theory is self-inflated and unsupported, but it's widely believed.

The unsupported pump-rods fell downwards, setting in upward motion the column of water in the plunger-pole pumps.

Unsupported by any of those consolations which religion affords, many hours of the blackest gloom must have enveloped them.

The claims of presbyteries, or any other parties than the members of the Church themselves, are alike unsupported there.

It has long been Indiana's proud boast that money unsupported by honest merit has never intruded in her politics.

We were on the apex of the line and were now unsupported on either side.